A Chipotle Employee Lawsuit

You have read about a Chipotle employee lawsuit that was settled out of court. What you do not know is what really happened and who filed the suit. The details: Three employees in California and Florida reached confidential settlements with Chipotle for wrongful labor practices. It was discovered that the company didn’t follow proper protocol when it came to hiring their workers and fired them without just cause.

These disgruntled employees brought three different lawsuits against the popular, fast food restaurant for wages they claimed they were owed based on their employment with the restaurant. They are being owed back pay for all the time they worked and for the wages they never received. The settlements are being paid to the employees in large sums of money so that they can get back to their lives. There has been an overflow of these lawsuits as more people are upset at the mistreatment of their hard working, hourly employees.

In one of the cases in Florida, there were many instances of child labor violations. The case was settled after a judge threw out a claim by an African American employee for racial discrimination because the employee was the only person of color working at the establishment. There have been other cases across the nation involving similar situations involving Chipotle and its hiring policies. There have been many attorneys involved in filing class action lawsuits for employees who were wrongfully terminated from their jobs.

There have also been multiple class action lawsuits filed against the restaurant chain for their labor practices. Some have even reached verdicts with regards to the amount of money that has been awarded to the employees. The amount of money being awarded to these former hourly employees far exceeds the cost of a typical Chipotle burrito. If you are seeking employment at a Chipotle location, you may want to investigate these lawsuits and file a charge of discrimination. If you are not aware that there have been previous claims against the company, then you may want to speak with an attorney that specializes in employment law so that you do not become the next victim.

There have been other lawsuits filed against this fast-food chain for their sexual harassment policies. There have been two separate sexual harassment lawsuits that have been handled by the same legal firm that handled the sexual harassment lawsuit against Chipotle. It is believed that over the past several months, the numbers of sexual harassment claims have nearly doubled.

These lawsuits have resulted in numerous allegations of racial discrimination, as well as sexual harassment. Many of the former employees who have sued say that they have been harassed by various members of the Chipotle staff including some that are of Hispanic descent. Additionally, some former employees say that management has condoned such behavior, which violates the Fair Labor Standards Act. More than a million people are employed at Chipotle, which would make it one of the largest employers in the United States.

In addition to the sexual harassment lawsuits, there are also claims that the company has engaged in illegal child labor violations. The violations include forcing employees to clock in and out, as well as requiring tipped employees to work beyond the normal 8-hour workday. These practices are illegal because they require employees to be engaged in what is considered to be excessive labor. As a result, these employees are receiving less in wages and should be compensated for their services. There have also been accusations that Chipotle management have not followed proper employment procedures when it comes to providing employees with proper training and vacation time. Both of these situations could result in substantial monetary damages for the company, if found guilty.

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