Accutane Lawsuit Settlements – Why You Should Know About Them?

Accutane lawsuits continue to increase as the popular acne treatment proves to be ineffective for some users. One of the most troubling things about Accutane is that despite FDA approval, many people continue to suffer from the side effects of this drug even though more studies have been conducted on its long term effects. Some of the problems that have included include short term mood swings, headaches, loss of sex drive, nausea, depression, dry skin, rashes, and dry mouth. The number of plaintiffs filing Accutane lawsuits is also growing.

Accutane is one of several prescription acne treatments that have caused serious side effects for many patients, including depression, birth defects, liver failure, and even death. Roche Pharmaceuticals decided in late 2021 to eliminate Accutane from the U.S. market, citing a dwindling market share due to the high number of deaths. Many patients filed suit claiming that their side effects were worse than the side effects of Accutane. These lawsuits seek damages for personal injury, loss of earnings, future earning loss, and other damages. While Accutane is no longer available for sale in the United States, millions of patients are still able to use this popular treatment thanks to the lawsuit settlements.

Accutane lawsuit settlements have been instrumental in helping many patients receive compensation for their suffering caused by this commonly prescribed and over the counter drug. The main complaint of most plaintiffs is that the manufacturer did not warn that the drug contains only one single dose that must be taken on a daily basis for the rest of your life or face irreversible side effects. When these drugs cause long term or permanent damage to the body, it becomes very difficult to seek compensation. This is where accutane lawyers can play a large role.

They are specially trained to know all about Accutane lawsuit settlements and what you can expect. They can inform you of your right to file suit as well as your chances of success. They will help you determine if you have a valid case and how much money you can expect. They may also tell you how to go about handling your side effects so that they do not make your life even worse.

What most plaintiffs need to be aware of is that there is a difference between treating the symptoms of an illness and dealing with a disease. Drugs such as Accutane are not disease in their own right but rather just one component of a comprehensive treatment program to get rid of your acne. If you take into consideration the fact that most people with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) also suffer from severe depression, then you begin to see why it can be difficult to get reimbursement in the form of a lawsuit. Depression is often considered just a symptom of one’s condition. Hence, the difficulty in proving the link between depression and your condition. With this being said, even though there are cases where patients with IBD have been awarded large settlement compensations for their side effects, there are still a difference in the amount of compensation awarded and the actual medical expenses incurred.

Some cases have been successful, while others were not. It is important to note that all cases of Accutane lawsuit have to be approved by a District Judge. The first step in any lawsuit is proving that the defendant is at fault; therefore, if you suffer from serious or debilitating depression, you should be able to win your lawsuit. Your lawsuit should focus on issues relating to your deteriorating mental state, your failed digestive tract, and the damage to your health caused by your use of Accutane. You should also prove that you sustained the damage because of your use of Accutane.

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  1. I used accutane for months in the late 90’s and now I am suffering many health issues that I did not have before accutane. I would like to discuss my case with someone. Thank you

  2. Acutane Side Effects Years Later

    Took acutane as a teenager and have suffered since. Depression, Nosebleeds, Horrible Digestion, Dry skin and more. These symptoms got bad and still to this day, struggle with all these symptons–10 years later. It has shut my life down due to these horrible visual and emotional effects. It has cause relationships to not be successful.

    How can I get on board with this?

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