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Becoming a Reddit Lawyer

If you’re a lawyer who enjoys discussing legal issues, you should consider becoming a Reddit lawyer. There are numerous benefits to this. The platform makes it easy to share your knowledge with other people. Unlike traditional websites, Reddit allows users to post questions to legal experts in any field. To become an AMA host, you’ll first have to verify that you are you. Once you’ve verified your identity, it’s time to promote your upcoming legal AMA.

Subreddits organized by branch of law

For those interested in the practice of law, there are many relevant subreddits on Reddit. The default subreddit is /r/politics, but there are also niche categories such as /r/ladymras and -of course,/r/mensrights. Then there’s /r/lawyers, which is exclusive to licensed attorneys.

Lawyers, for instance, may want to look at the legal advice subreddit, which has nearly 1.2M members. This subreddit is a great place to ask simple legal questions and get clarification on difficult legal concepts. The subreddit also has plenty of humorous posts and questionable advice. While Reddit is mostly anonymous, it allows users to be open, frank, and interact with other lawyers and law students who share a similar interest.

Guidelines for posting

If you’re a Reddit user, you probably want to follow the guidelines for posting on the site. These guidelines are intended to help law enforcement agencies and other officials understand how Reddit works and what it will take to remove user-generated content. You can find the guidelines for Reddit here. If you’re a lawyer looking for ways to stay on the site, you’ll want to read these guidelines before you post anything.

The best way to stay on topic is to post about the topics that are relevant to your practice. Reddit has numerous subreddits with relevant topics, such as /r/politics, 2/r/ladiesmras, /3rds/lawyers, and /r/cyberlaws. There are also private subreddits for lawyers, including /r/lawyers.

Subreddit users

A Reddit user posted that his wife was filing for divorce. In an attempt to make the divorce process harder for his wife, he decided to contact family law attorneys in his area. But each time he approached an attorney, he was refused. As a result, the divorce process took much longer than expected, and the Reddit user ended up paying his wife’s court fees. While he was a smart man, he should have considered the legal implications of his actions before posting.

There are subreddits for each branch of the law. Users aren’t allowed to use their real names when posting, and moderators are not allowed to use their real names. Since Reddit is a public forum, users should respect the rules of their jurisdiction and use good etiquette. Thankfully, there are legal professionals on the team, as well as subject matter experts in many fields.

Subreddit requests from law enforcement or government agencies

The number of Subreddit requests from law enforcement or governments has increased recently, but they are not unprecedented. Last year, Reddit received between 0 and 249 requests to provide information about its users. Although it is not uncommon for a foreign government to request information from a social network, it is important to note that Reddit receives far fewer requests than Facebook and Twitter do. In the first half of 2014, for instance, Facebook received 34,946 requests for user information.

Although Reddit’s “anonymity” can protect users from being tracked by law enforcement and government agencies, it can only go so far when it comes to privacy. Last year, Reddit received 55 requests from governments for user information and complied with 58 percent of them. In addition to granting access to user information, Reddit has to comply with search warrants and US subpoenas before they release information from their subscribers.

AMAs as a marketing tool for lawyers

If you want to make an impact in your area of practice, you should take advantage of the Ask Me Anything (AMA) forums. Not only can you showcase your legal knowledge, but you can also share your vision for the firm shortly. Ask Me Anything forums are great for law firms because they give associates a chance to voice their opinions and ask questions. There are many ways to leverage this strategy, including team lunch presentations and corporate attorneys.

One of the most overlooked and underutilized inbound marketing strategies is the use of gated content. In exchange for visitor contact information, you can give away valuable information to attract prospects. This strategy can help you target your marketing efforts to the right audience. Using this tactic can give you the edge over your competition and build brand loyalty among current and prospective clients. By creating a customer persona and focusing your marketing efforts on these areas, you’ll be on your way to maximizing your results.


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