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Class Action Lawsuit Over Honda Accord

When looking for a Honda Accord to purchase there are thousands of used ones to choose from. A Honda Accord class action lawsuit could prove to be the answer that you are seeking when searching for a used Accord.

This is because if you purchase a used Accord and have injuries then you may be able to receive compensation for your damages from the manufacturer. The Honda Accord class action lawsuit will allow you to file a claim against the company that makes the car you are thinking about purchasing.

Honda Accord Class Action Lawsuit

You may be wondering why this particular case is necessary when you consider that most cars don’t have similar defects. In order to understand this you need to understand how class action lawsuits work. Class action lawsuits are when a group of people come together with the sole purpose of collecting a set percentage of the proceeds from a lawsuit settlement.

Honda had decided to take the Accord class action lawsuit idea to the court of law and the owners of a Honda Accord were determined to be the main group that should receive the profits of this case. Hundo, who is the owner of the Honda Accord, was determined to build more Accord units in order to satisfy the demand of the car buyers and to keep their manufacturing line going strong.

After being determined to be the main defendant Hundo decided that they would rather settle out of court rather than fight in a class action suit.

The potential class action lawsuit would cost them much more money and time then trying to go to court. Hundo and their lawyers decided that it would be much more beneficial for them if a settlement was reached rather then to go forward with a trial.

The Honda accord class action lawsuit settled class action suit was later sold to a large automotive manufacturing company named as Fait and Agoura. The company manufactured millions of Honda Accords and decided that they wanted to give a fair chance to all of the Honda Accord owners that were out there.

This company decided that since Honda is a company that makes high quality cars that they would like to offer a chance to all of the people out there to be able to purchase a Honda Accord.

They went on to design an ergonomic interior that would fit the needs of most people when it comes to buying a car. This new Honda accord body style has been successful in bringing many of the Accord buyers back.

When these cars first came onto the market many people had complaints about them including the awful gas mileage and low quality of exterior parts. But with the new Honda accord body styles the reviews have been great and the companies have decided to release updated models of the Honda Accord.

One of the lawsuits that was settled was over the recalls of Honda accord due to automatic transmissions and the faulty fuel pump.

Automatic transmissions have been proven to be faulty in many cases and cause problems with the performance of the engine. In one case the automaker was forced to recall their vehicles for almost a year because of a leak from the fuel pump.

Another case was about the transmission problems on the Honda accord. This case resulted in the automaker coming up with the $7500 settlement claim. The company was also ordered to pay for the repair costs of the defective automatic transmissions.

The other class action lawsuit that was settled was over the claims of back pain and suffering due to the Acura as well as recalls for brakes and other parts.

Some of the plaintiffs were even able to get back their medical bills and suffered injuries as a result of the car’s problems. This class action lawsuit was settled out of court without the need for any court proceedings. The company did settle but still needs to pay out thousands of dollars in medical bills and claims.


  1. I own a 2011 Accord EX-L with Navigation.
    My dashboard clock does not indicate the correct time & cannot be set/reset.. Per the Internet, Honda supposedly has a fix coming soon for the navigation clock.
    According to West Hills Honda in Bremerton WA, however, the internal clock has expired & cannot be fixed.
    I bought my car new in 2011 with the goal of keeping the car for life, based on Japanese manufacturing’s strive to maintain zero tolerance levels (& therefore zero variances). I.e., the car is built according to high quality standards.
    But riding around in my car with a clock that will never ever indicate the correct time makes me feel as though this was intentionally done to nudge me toward buying a new car, even though I only have 72,000 miles on the car & am up-to-date on recommended maintenance ($$).
    If there is a class action lawsuit in the works, I’d like to sign my name to it. If not, perhaps we can start one …?

    Joseph Davis


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