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Class Action Lawsuit – You May Qualify to Locate a Lawyer

Class Action Lawsuits can be very complicated cases, particularly those that involve Chemotherapy (chemo). The complication arises when treating cancer cells with chemicals outside of the FDA approved standards. This is where class action lawsuit loans come in. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you may qualify for a lawsuit loan.

Chemotherapy is a highly expensive treatment option.

Not only does it come at a huge cost, but in some instances, the drugs can have severe side effects and even be life threatening. The FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, approved some drugs for treating cancer only after extensive testing and studies. It is rare to find a drug approved solely on merit.

There are some drugs, however, that have very few side effects.

These drugs have helped many people live through the treatments they undergo. However, some of these drugs have not shown great success rates and have actually increased the mortality rate for cancer patients. The FDA has taken particular notice of these issues. After analyzing the issue, they have ruled that it is unsafe and have added certain side effects to their listing of drugs that are unsafe.

These side effects include: seizures, weight loss, nausea, hair loss, constipation, fluid retention, and hair loss.

Many of these side effects have been associated with chemotherapy itself. So, if your loved one is receiving Chemotherapy, you may qualify for a class action lawsuit loan. It is always best to speak with a legal attorney who specializes in malpractice and/or wrongful death claims before making a decision.

Before deciding to pursue such a lawsuit, it is important that you research the laws and regulations surrounding the type of claim you wish to file.

Some states do not recognize a class action lawsuit when Chemotherapy is the cause of death. You need to check with your local courthouse in order to determine whether or not your loved one has a case worthy of a class action lawsuit. The cost of filing such a claim is dependent upon the type of death you have sustained. It is also important to note that these types of lawsuits are not considered frivolous by the courts.

Your loved one did not cause his or her death.

Chemotherapy certainly did not cause the death. This is often the difficult part for families and individuals who suffer from cancer. We have seen it time again on the news and we hear about it. A simple claim can bring back some of the joy and promise that the person had in life. Don’t let the pain get the best of you, contact a qualified lawyer today to discuss your claim.


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