James McMahon vs Maura Healey for Attorney General in the Republican Primary

Maura Healey is facing an uphill battle in the Democratic primary for attorney general. She is a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and has filed several lawsuits against him since his election. But McMahon, a Republican from Bourne, is a Trump supporter who criticized Healey’s handling of many issues, including the opioid crisis.

In her campaign, Maura Healey praised her opponent’s record, and she said the two candidates were similar on the issues, but contrasting in their philosophies.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with both of them,” she said. In an interview with The Boston Globe, McMahon was remarkably honest about her views on the opioid crisis and enforcement of gun laws.

While Healey’s approach has been the more populist, James McMahon is not afraid to take on Healey’s opponent. He won the GOP primary over Dan Shores in April and won the endorsement of party activists in Worcester. The Republican is originally from Bourne and has worked as a trial lawyer and served in the Army National Guard as a second lieutenant in the military police. He went on to study law at Suffolk University and Southeastern Massachusetts University.

In a televised debate hosted by WGBH News, Attorney General James presented his opposing view on the opioid crisis.

Healey has been critical of the opioid epidemic and has accused the opioid industry of illegally marketing the drugs to doctors and hospitals. But she defended her decision, stating that “The law has changed and the public’s health must evolve.” As a result, the attorney general has been more aggressive in bringing this issue to light.

As an attorney general, James is a renowned litigator. He is the first-ever Attorney General of Massachusetts to file a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers and distributors. He has filed a suit against the opioid industry and pharmaceutical companies that overprescribed the drugs. He also sued a pharmaceutical manufacturer that he cited in the complaint. He alleged that the drug distributors and manufacturers heavily marketed their drugs to physicians.

James McMahon, a Republican, is the Republican candidate for attorney general.

He faces Democrat Maura Healey in the Nov. 6 election. He was elected by the GOP in a primary race over former state senator Dan Shores. The Republican has faced Maura Healey and the Democratic nominee Maura Healey in two debates. During the first debate, the two candidates discussed the opioid epidemic, gun control, and public safety.

In the second debate, the candidates addressed a series of issues. Healey attacked pharmaceutical companies for overprescribing opioids. In the debate, she praised the work of the U.S. Attorney’s office investigators and the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation. The two candidates met for the first time in April in Worcester. In the primary, James McMahon faced Dan Shores.

In the GOP primary, James McMahon and Maura Healey face off against Healey. In the primary, he won over Democrat Dan Shores and won the endorsement of the party activists. In the second debate, he and Healey clashed on issues such as gun laws, the opioid crisis, and criminal justice. But the two candidates were able to reach a compromise.

In the Democratic primary, James McMahon won by nearly 50 points.

He faces Maura Healey’s former chief of staff. In the Republican primary, McMahon won over former Attorney General Dan Shores. After winning the Republican primary, he won the endorsement of party activists in Worcester. He lives in Bourne and attended Southeastern Massachusetts University and Suffolk Law School.

The New York Attorney General’s Office is leading the opioids lawsuit. In this case, the Attorney General’s Office of New York is suing opioid manufacturers to prevent the spread of the disease. The lawsuits were settled in October 2018. The settlements were reached after year-long litigation and a million victims have been hospitalized. The settlements will help fight the epidemic and save lives.

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