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Papa John’s Lawsuit

The case of Paula John’s Law, which is a class action lawsuit against South Florida drivers for injuries sustained during traffic accidents and crashes, has reached the point of requesting the trial date of Plaintiffs’ Lead Plaintiff, Paula John. This request was granted by Judge Debra M. Sterner on 3/3/17. Plaintiffs have until such time as the Court has received all discovery regarding the case to file their answer to the complaint. Plaintiffs are required to provide written notice of their intent to file a complaint with the Court no later than four weeks from the date of service of this Answer.

The case was assigned to Judge Debra M. Sterner after it was determined that there were grounds for a case to be filed by a former vice president of the United States and an insurance company. A former driver, ages forty-one years old suffered life-threatening injuries in an accident in June of 2021 when another driver failed to yield and hit a vehicle belonging to Mrs. John. John is a six-year old child who was inside of the vehicle at the time of the accident. Mrs. John is a pregnant woman who was in the hospital suffering from a medical condition when the accident occurred.

The case has been presented to the judge as a personal injury claim on behalf of all drivers who were involved in the accident that injured Mrs. John. The claim names as defendants Bank of America, ending Collin Jackson, ondra Johnson and defendant Vehicle Replacement Company, endantpeed Traffic, Inc. In a July 18th order, the court directed all three companies to produce records relating to their liability insurance policies and submit to the plaintiffs discovery requests. Thereafter, the companies have until September to comply with the plaintiffs discovery request.

The attorneys representing the Plaintiffs are handling this litigation on a pro Bono basis. Plaintiffs are seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and physical disability. The request for fees is to cover attorney fees, transportation costs, and other expenses associated with the case. Should the defendants refuse to cooperate with the Plaintiffs, or fail to respond adequately, the case will be defaulted and a default judgment entered.

There is a possibility that the lawsuit may be delayed or dismissed for several months. The case could go to trial. Plaintiffs need to develop a case plan to prepare for trial. There is also a possibility that the case could be settled out of court. If a settlement agreement is reached, the attorneys involved will make a report of the settlement to the court. If a court settlement agreement is reached, the case will conclude, and drivers can resume their normal lives.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys are urging that their clients seek monetary compensation and/or an insurance settlement against the driver of the other vehicle. If a case proceeds to trial, defendants will be required to testify under oath and provide discovery to the attorneys. The Drivers may not settle out of court. As more lawsuits continue to be filed by drivers, it is becoming more important to take aggressive action against negligent drivers.


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