The Lincoln Military Housing Lawsuit

A new lawsuit against Lincoln Military Housing has claimed poor mold and moisture caused mold and bacteria to grow in houses there leading to dangerous living conditions for residents. former resident and mother of two April Huffman said she is only trying to get the same justice that people have gotten for other families who have suffered similar conditions while residing at the facility. “This was my home and it was not a pretty place,” Huffman said. Marine spouse and mother of two April Huffman said that she has been trying to get compensation for her children for over ten years. “I am just looking for justice.”

Lincoln Military housing is managed by the US Military Corp and is located on the grounds of Camp Parks, an inactive reservation at the edge of the Los Angeles Strip. The lawsuit claims that the poor quality and mold exposure have caused health issues including severe asthma, headaches, memory loss, lethargy, chronic fatigue, coughing, respiratory illnesses and other problems. Lincoln’s landlord, the US Military Corp, is being sued because they knew of the dangerous mold conditions but did nothing about it. The base manager, Robert Shepherd, is also named in the suit as well as the US Military Corp’s leadership.

According to the complaint, the mold growth was so severe that at one time some residents were worried about becoming ill. One family even moved out of the homes after suffering from severe respiratory illnesses and one family member became severely ill. In addition, the homes are infested with mold spores and allergens that can cause serious health problems. Huffman claims her son died from the mold because his lungs were damaged and he had to wear a mask to prevent his lungs from becoming damaged further. All of the homes at the base are under government contracts and are fumigation certified as safe for occupants.

Lincoln has been in the spotlight before because of this mold issue. Last year, they settled a lawsuit where a man died from inhaling some mold. Other residents have become ill from mold growth as well. They are owed millions of dollars in back payments and are unable to sell the homes because of the mold contamination. The Navy has brought in an expert to test soil around the base and the results show there is mold in the soil. They will be conducting an environmental impact study to determine what effect the mold has on the surrounding homes and how much it has damaged the home.

Until the investigation is complete, Lincoln has asked the tenants to vacate the homes and the owners to remove the mold until the testing is complete. If the mold comes back after the cleanup is complete, then the lawsuit can proceed against the owners. These homeowners lost their homes due to the negligence of their landlord and are entitled to compensation for the loss.

This is just one of the lawsuits that have occurred at the Marine Corps base. Many other families have had to lose their homes due to mold exposure. You can join the lawsuit as a plaintiff and help prevent future families from losing their homes. The lawsuit is on hold while the families are waiting for the ruling in the case.

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