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The Morgan Stanley Class Action Lawsuit

You probably saw the news about the Morgan Stanley class action lawsuit a while back. Well, it looks like one of the class-action lawsuits has been ruled in on and you can now get yourself a claim. The lawsuit was brought by a group of plaintiffs, which were part of the plaintiffs’ pool that went through the massive burnout. This class-action lawsuit is going to be for a very small amount of money. So what is all the fuss about?

The plaintiffs were given special compensation when they brought the case against ABN AMRO bankers. The money that they got would have helped them pay their medical bills and other expenses that they incurred during the time of their accident. But they were not compensated for the monetary loss that they incurred because of the bankers. And that is the real problem with this whole lawsuit. How could the bankers be sued for a mere mistake made when they tried to determine the value of their allocated gold accounts?

Let me give you an example. Suppose the bank claims that the price of their allocated physical silver was $13 per ounce when they valued the gold on the exchange day. But how could they have determined the worth of this silver? Suppose they had bought it from the physical gold depository? How could they possibly have figured out the exact value?

This is how the whole class action lawsuit is with the Morgan Stanley company. They were given a lot of money by the AMRO bankers to make sure that they would make these trades. The problem was that the banks did not know what to do with the physical silver once it was received by the AMRO bankers. And that is why the lawsuit was filed in the first place.

Okay, so now we know why the Morgan Stanley bankers had to pay a huge amount of compensation to the AMRO. We also know that the lawsuits were illegitimate because they were not entitled to make these profits based on their bets. And we also know that all the settlements that were paid by the Morgan Stanley bankers will never make any sense since the value of the commodities that they had just purchased with their credit cards are now worthless. So is there any other way that the physical precious metals can be sold and the people who receive them will receive a profit instead of losing?

Let me give you a final example. Let’s say that there is a huge prop trading scandal going on at the time. A big brokerage firm has issued a million of dollars worth of stock that has deflated massively. The reason that this has happened is because the AMRO has ordered a billion dollar bond redemption. Once this has been released, the AMRO will then order an additional billion dollars worth of physical gold to be purchased from all the banks and brokerages that have allocated precious metal accounts. Once all of this has happened to the price of gold will go through the roof.


  1. I received and letter from Morgan Stanley about this suit, but do but think I had an account with them
    through a broker we use several years ago and lost a great deal of funds.

    What should I do to see if I am involved in the suit ?

  2. Was Morgan Stanley the bank used by The Home Depot? How would they get my name, if it has nothing to do with a third party company? How do I go about finding out more information on this action?

  3. settlement unique id: 64af946a6f financial shield code: nsbi-pznr-rhy8-g6p4 where do i stand in this settlement?


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