Timeshare Points of Purchase Lawsuits Against Diamond Resorts International

The Lawsuit revolves around a claim that a customer of Diamond Resorts International was mis-sold diamond jewelry after she went on an “informal” trip there. The plaintiff charged that Diamond Resorts International, a known defendant, used many deceptive sales tactics and made several false representations and oral statements during its sales presentation aimed to drive potential customers into contracting with its business. She further charged that Diamond Resort’s agent/s did not properly train her regarding the terms of its contract and that she suffered emotionally as a result.

The Lawsuit further alleged that the agents mis-sold the jewelry by omitting several clauses in the agreement. The plaintiff further claimed that during the second visit to the Diamond Resort, the same agent offered to refund her money if she would change her mind about purchasing jewelry and would no longer require a trip to Florida in order to get her “perfect” diamond. This contract, the Lawsuit contends, is void because it constitutes an improper attempt to influence the plaintiffs with ill intention and is therefore, a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair and Accurate Transaction Act among other statutes.

Lawsuits Against Diamond Resorts International

The plaintiffs further claimed that during the third visit to the Diamond Resort, this same agent attempted to sell her a timeshare without verifying the buyer’s identification. Despite repeatedly asking for verification, the agent repeatedly refused to provide it citing that the buyer was not a United States citizen and was not a legal resident of the state.

Finally, at the fourth visit, the same agent provided plaintiff with a final contract that purported to transfer plaintiff’s timeshare but was presented to be in written form only. Although plaintiff had previously expressed her desire to purchase a timeshare in Florida, the contract presented to her on that last visit was not what she had originally consented to on the first visit. Consequently, the Lawsuit charges that this conduct constitutes a breach of contract and entitles her to monetary damages for her wrongful purchase of a timeshare in Florida.

Several of the accused representatives have been involved in similar instances in the past.

In one case, an individual purchased a timeshare from S.C. properties representative and was presented with an ownership agreement upon signing. Despite the representations that the S.C. properties offered were directly owned by their principals, the same agents attempted to register the timeshare as belonging to their principal. Subsequently, the State filed suit against the S.C. properties owner, challenging the legality of his actions.

There are two class action lawsuits currently pending in Florida that address issues similar to the one in the Diamond Resorts International Case.

Plaintiffs in both cases assert that Diamond Resorts International knowingly sold timeshares to unsuspecting senior citizens without taking reasonable steps to verify the identity of the purchaser. As a result, the complaints are being handled by the same attorneys who handled the defective transactions case brought against the resort. This case highlights the necessity for consumers to thoroughly research any purchase of a timeshare before purchasing.

The second case involves a Florida vacation property owner who was selling a timeshare to an undercover agent.

Once the agent purchased the timeshare, the owner instructed the undercover agent not to inform the courts or anyone else about the sale. Despite this instruction, the undercover agent did inform the law firm representing the defendant entities that he had sold the timeshare to the defendant. On the information which they received from the defendant entities themselves, the law firm pursued the case. Ultimately, the defendant lost their first lawsuit against the plaintiff, but was able to retain their second lawsuit.

In both cases, the plaintiffs’ primary problem was the fact that they were never provided with a contract, written agreement, or any details regarding how, when, and under what circumstances they could sell their timeshares.

The proposed class action lawsuit provides an ideal opportunity for plaintiffs to receive such information. In addition to providing these details, the proposed class action lawsuit should provide a viable method for plaintiffs to recoup damages. Whether or not such a method is appropriate in each case is a question only the courts can answer.

In the above example, however, the proposed class action lawsuit provides a simple way to obtain all of the information necessary to properly pursue a timeshare point of purchase lawsuit against Diamond Resorts International and its partner companies.

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  1. I have a client that was issued a 1099-c cancelation of debt after she told them she could no longer really afford the timeshare because of major back surgery and no on fixed income. they are now trying to collect on that debt with interest. I am limited as to what I can ask them because they will not explain if it is a recourse or nonrecourse loan and please show us where they can come and collect after she has paid the irs on that income. they will not or cannot answer. is there any class action lawsuit I can refer my client to?

    1. My name is Guy Gasper and I’m putting together a suit against Diamond resorts, with the help of my legal advocate Demont Conner. We live in Hawaii and will be filing a multiple jurisdictional suite in federal court because that’s where you can get the best results. So far we have people from three different states filing with us. You should be looking to cancel your contract because of their wrong doing through out the time dealing with Diamond resorts. Not because you’re injuired. We’re looking to have the recinde time changed to 18 months to protect the public. Many of us got involved with time shares while on vacation like vegas for us. From jump street they were lying to us. They said we would get tickets to the Michael if we spent an hour of our time listening to a presentation on time shares. We were there for more than six. In the first presentation they said that we get a deed to our time that we were purchasing, And four presentations later they’re telling us that they didn’t say that but if we give them $4000.00 today we’ll write you up a deed. They said by joining Diamond resorts you’re making an investment into your families future by locking in rates to multiple exclusive destinations at bargain prices with a maintainence fee that will not exceed 2 to 3% in the next 3 to 5 years according to their analyisis of market trends. And that was a lie because they knew they would be jacking the rates once we signed because that’s what they do to make profits. Show me anyone’s contract and I’ll show you their lies. They said that you could easily sell your interests in Diamond Resorts and that was a Lie too. For us we knew we got into something messed up a year or so later when we tried to make a reservation for a stay in Florida and they did not have a place for us during that time we were traveling to see my daughter. Most normal people will not utilize what they brought from Diamond resorts until they’re next vacation time a year or so later. So that’s why we’ll ask the courts to change the rescind time to eighteen months so we get a chance to use the product. This product is not like a watch or dress that you can just put on to see if you like it or not, That’s why it’s pertinent to ask the court for a new ruling to protect consumers until they try to utilize what diamond resorts had promised. As it stands, they put the burden on us the consumer, to read documentation during the remainder of our vacation, after giving them the day that was supposed to be an hour. When in all actuality a realistate attorney should be looking over the documentation to advise us if it we made a good decision or not. When I got back to Hawaii and showed the documentation to a savey friend, he pointed out more than afew flause. He laughed and said that the Diamond contract was so lopp sided in favor of Diamond resorts it was kind of redicules But it was passed the recind date and we were in the middle of building our credit to purchase the home we now live in.

      1. I am interested in joining a lawsuit. I purchased a time share from Diamond – prior to the sale to Hilton. Their website is horrible. You cannot find any unit, anywhere during the time you wish to go on vacation. You have to call the customer service line, only to be placed on hold for hours — tonight it has been 2 hours. Since the sale to Hilton, and because I am a silver member, I cannot use my membership with Hilton. I have to remain with Diamond, which has a limited number of resorts. Nothing in Louisiana at all. You cannot find any 3 bedroom rentals. If you call the member service sline they told me I cannot use my points to book a hotel room – I can use 20% of them and pay the difference in cash for the stay. This is not what I was told in the presentation and it is not in my contract that I have to use both my points AND pay as well for a hotel. When I looked the room up on the internet while I was on hold with the CSR, the room is actually cheaper than what they quoted me with the points if I booked directly with the hotel.

  2. I don’t know what just happened but it posted without spell checker and me finishing my invitation for anyone to join us in this fight for mankind! 8088529445 Guy, or 8087265753 Demont Conner

  3. We were in Hawaii 2 years back and in our member update meeting, they tried to get us to join the Hawaiian collective because our fees would be set for life. Just had to give them 14000 more to lock in. They said diamond doesn’t like when the US collection members switch. But they pushed and pushed to get us to switch. Then they said that the US Collective members were going to have to pay for the hurricane damage. My fees went up almost 600.

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