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Have you ever wondered what Keyrock looked like when he was frozen in a glacial crevasse? Did you ever think he looked like a yuppie or a neanderthal? In case you’re wondering, Keylock is a neanderthal who fell into a glacial crevasse. If you have, you can enjoy a hilarious unfrozen caveman lawyer gif created just for you!

Keylock was a neanderthal who fell into a glacial crevasse

Phil Hartman portrayed the neanderthal character Keyrock on Saturday Night Live from 1991 to 1996. The character was a caveman with Neanderthal brows who fell into a glacial crevasse during the Ice Age. His body was preserved for scientists to study. However, his death was more tragic than most people might think. Several years after Hartman’s death, his brother-in-law revealed his experiences.

Keylock was a yuppie

A recurring character on Saturday Night Live, Keylock is a caveman who thawed out from a glacial crevasse and became a yuppie caveman lawyer. He was portrayed as a greedy lawyer, but he also possessed a likable charm derived from his warm personality. He was also well-heeled, with a house in Martha’s Vineyard.

Keyrock was a neanderthal

The unfrozen caveman lawyer is a fictional character on Saturday Night Live, portrayed by Phil Hartman as an incompetent Neanderthal lawyer. In the sketch, Keylock falls into an ice crevasse during the Ice Age, only to be thawed by scientists in 1988. The sketch shows Keyrock pursuing a law degree while taking advantage of his primitive origins by manipulating people in a courtroom.

As an unfrozen neanderthal caveman, Keylock was a confused attorney in our modern world. His success as a lawyer made him a star, as he won cases for his clients despite their prehistoric origins. In addition to winning cases for his clients, he frequently displayed hostile behavior and was unqualified to host a zoology talk show. Despite his prehistoric appearance, Keylock had a significant amount of wealth and even owned a luxurious home on Martha’s Vineyard.


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