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What You Must Know About The Dunkin Donuts Butter Lawsuit

We’ve all heard about the Dunkin Donuts lawsuit. Who can resist a big cup of delicious coffee while sitting in a wicker chair and watching a television commercial for the Donuts? While the coffee shop may have been offering a wonderful cup of coffee, if you are allergic to certain nuts or if you have particular food allergies, you may have had an allergic reaction. There was a TV show about a man who almost lost his legs when he ate too much peanut butter.

Dunkin Donuts Butter Lawsuit

A man bought the product at one of their stores without realizing that there was a peanut allergy involved. He put it on anyway and soon felt like he was going to pass out. His manager noticed that he was not well and took him to the ER. While waiting for tests to be done, his wife made him a small sandwich and put it on his chest.

When he got the all clear from the doctor, he decided to get his hands on a suede butter suit.

They had been discontinued many years before, but he figured he could use it to work around his allergic reactions. He was not happy with the color, so he bought a brown suit that was also colored. He put it on and was surprised at how nice it looked.

He really enjoyed it so much that he got several of them for his kids and even friends.

One day, he decided to surprise his wife with one of them. She was expecting him to get a plain black suit, but when he came to pick it up, she was floored by the brightly colored suit.

Needless to say, he was thrilled that he got a suit to wear.

He wore it often and was always complimented on his nice taste. Eventually, people began to ask if they could get a suit just like it. He kept updating his wardrobe with the new trends in suits. When he passed away, his daughters took over his line of suits. They are now known for their originality and style.

Some people have asked if they can trademark the design of the dunkin donuts butter suit.

It is hard to imagine how anyone could patent something that other people have already come up with. However, the company is still going strong today and there are still more things for them to patent. Anyone who gets their suits is usually impressed with the great looking and quality. Who knows, they may even outdo the designs someday.


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