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Premises Liability Claims: A guide for victims

If you were injured on someone’s property because of the owner’s or management’s negligence, you might have a valid claim under premises liability. Let’s start by saying that premises liability claims are inherently convoluted, and the burden of proving negligence is on the claimant. Also, it doesn’t matter what caused the injury, but if the owner was reckless or negligent in a manner that resulted in an injury to the claimant, the case is likely to be valid. Click here if you want to file an injury claim. In this post, we are discussing more about premises liability.

In dog bite claims under premises liability, the key factor is whether the property owner knew or should have known about the dog’s aggressive tendencies and failed to take reasonable steps to prevent an incident.

The fundamental aspects

A property owner is responsible for ensuring that their premises are maintained and kept in good condition. For instance, if you knew that your sundeck was in bad shape and an accident happened when guests were attending a party, you could be held liable for the injuries and losses endured by victims. A person may have a premises liability claim when they suffered a dog bite when visiting the owner’s home that didn’t have a valid sign. Even an icy driveway is a hazard that owners are supposed to fix. Property owners are expected to take reasonable care to prevent unwanted incidents. For instance, if you have a pet that tends to scare people and a child falls because the pet attacked them, you could be held liable for the injuries.

Get a premises liability lawyer

If you have a claim that concerns premises liability, you should talk to an attorney. Accident victims are often unsure of whether they have a claim, and if they do, they often find it hard to evaluate the damages. A lawyer can do that for you. Instead of hiring any lawyer, find a personal injury attorney who has worked extensively on premises liability claims. You can request a free consultation, meet the lawyer, and discuss every aspect of the case in detail.

Don’t deal with the insurance company alone

Insurance companies are not known for fair practices, and the claims adjuster will try to deny or undermine your premises liability claim. You need the right lawyer who can negotiate for you, and if things are not resolved through discussions, they can file a lawsuit against the property owner.

There is usually a statute that sets the deadline for premises liability claims in most states, so you need to have enough time to file a civil lawsuit. Your lawyer can help you work on the injury claim with all aspects in consideration.


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