The Canadian County District Attorney’s Office and Its Specialized Child Welfare Division

The District Attorney’s Office in Canadian County, Illinois, has many responsibilities, but one of them is child welfare. A full-time deputy is hired to investigate child endangerment and neglect cases. When criminal charges are warranted, these cases are presented to the District Attorney’s Office. The deputy’s work has resulted in the removal of many endangered children from dangerous environments. Read on to learn more about this office’s many other responsibilities and see what makes it one of the best in the state.

Mike Fields

Mike Fields, Canadian County District Attorney, is concerned about the growing number of cases of domestic violence in the area. The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes thousands of cases of violence each year. As part of his work to fight the problem, Fields works with several agencies, including the Intervention Crisis and Advocacy Network, Cardinal Point, and the Mustang, Yukon, and Piedmont police departments. He is also a proud sponsor of an annual vigil in support of children.

The District Attorney’s office is seeking an experienced prosecutor to represent the interests of the citizens of Canadian County. Duties vary but will depend on the applicant’s interests, skills, and experience. The successful applicant will receive a salary, full state benefits, and retirement benefits. The successful applicant will also have the opportunity to attend an ongoing training program for prosecutors. However, it is important to note that Fields does not accept unsolicited applications.

Juvenile Investigations Division

The Canadian County District Attorney’s Office has a specialized division devoted to investigating juveniles’ missing school days. The Investigations Division employs a full-time deputy to investigate child neglect and endangerment cases. When warranted, criminal charges are brought against parents. With the support of local law enforcement, this division has helped remove numerous children from dangerous circumstances. Here are a few highlights of the Division’s work.

The Investigations Division consists of four full-time Deputies and two reserve Deputies. Some investigate general crime cases, while others focus on specific areas of interest. The Investigations Division also has two full-time and one reserve narcotics deputy. Deputies in the Investigations Division collaborate with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs to develop and execute a narcotics task force that targets illegal drug activity in the area.

Narcotics task force

Since July, the Canadian county district attorney’s Narcotics Task Force has been operating and has already racked up 25 drug-related criminal charges against 13 defendants. Nine of the suspects have already been arrested while four remain on the loose. This effort was the result of a multiagency effort that included the police departments in El Reno, Mustang, Yukon, and Canadian County. Although the number of drug seizures is still relatively low, the task force is making great strides.

The Drug Task Force has members from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Other members of the team focus on specific areas of interest. The team also consists of two full-time narcotics deputies and one reserve narcotics deputy. Several members of the Task Force have also teamed up with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. The Task Force has several investigative tools that are used to bring drug traffickers to justice.


Expungement of criminal records is a legal process through which criminal convictions are erased from your history. Unlike expungement of a criminal record in Canada, which is done in most jurisdictions by the district attorney, a Canadian county will take your case differently. During your case, your attorney should consider several factors. First, you must have enough evidence to show that your record is not bogus. Secondly, your attorney must present your case credibly and persuasively.

An important part of the expungement process is the filing of a petition for an affidavit. You must make your application as soon as possible. While you may have been charged with a crime in the past, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever be charged with it again. Expungement is also important for several reasons, including career prospects. If you are looking for a new job or a new place to live, an expungement could make all the difference.

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