The Vemma Class Action Lawsuit

VEMMA, or the Virtual Electronic Meeting Association, has recently taken on a new member – a class action lawsuit. The members of this class action lawsuit filed suit against VEMMA, demanding that they be removed from the governing body. This was done under the fraudulent pretense that VEMMA was offering a “free” training to all its members. VEMMA and its leaders have since admitted that this is false. Thus, they were removed from the governing body. But why did they leave?

Well, the answer is rather simple. VEMMA has allowed itself to become a victim of the class action lawsuit fraud. Once the members of VEMMA decided to file the lawsuit, they began to receive calls threatening them and telling them that if they did not drop the lawsuit they would go to the media with their stories. VEMMA quickly lost a large number of members. So naturally, the leadership realized that if they had to give up the lawsuit, it might lose their credibility with its members.

Thus, they decided to make a deal with the members of the class action lawsuit to allow them to keep their membership, but not pay any money. Thus, the leadership figured they might as well allow the lawsuit to go away. But, when the suit was filed in a Federal Court in Florida, the lie was exposed and VEMMA was forced to admit that it was a scam. Thus, the members of the VEMMA Class Action Lawsuit found themselves out of money and without a lawsuit they were left with no education on how to pursue an honest business opportunity.

There are still many members of VEMMA in this lawsuit. Many of these people have only met the leaders of this company once. They are members of VEMMA and they are not being scammed. But, because of the tactics of the leadership of VEMMA and the tactics of the lawyers that work for VEMMA, many of the innocent members of VEMMA class action lawsuit feel like they have been used.

As you can see, this was nothing more than a sham. This Vemma Class Action Lawsuit was merely a setup to get money from innocent people that were really looking into starting a home based business. Once they realized what they were getting into, most of the members of VEMMA decided to pull their names off of the lawsuit. There is a chance that the Vemma Class Action Lawsuit may be revived in the future, but that is a risk that none of the attorneys involved will take. However, there is a very good chance that the lawsuits against Vemma will not end up in court and that some form of settlement will be reached. This is probably better for all parties involved.

If you belong to Vemma, or if you know of anyone who does, it would be in your best interests to seek legal advice before taking any action in this matter. You should also remember that if the Vemma Class Action Lawsuit is not won, there is a possibility that Vemma may file a lawsuit against you personally. There is no guarantee that you will win that lawsuit, but you could if the lawyers are as aggressive as they appear to be on TV. Be aware that it is in everybody’s best interest to seek legal advice as soon as possible if you are in any way related to the Vemma Class Action Lawsuit. The Vemma Lawsuit may not seem fair now, but it could be a lot worse if it does go to court.

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