The Fresh Food Diet Lawsuit

The Fresh Food Diet lawsuit is an internet based eating disorder prevention method that promises to help those who are struggling with bulimia, binge eating or any other eating disorder. The method comes in the form of a downloadable eBook and manual. The eBooks and manuals are accompanied with worksheets that lay out how to change your relationship with food. You also learn how to eat fresh whole foods while following a strict low carb and high protein diet.

This is not your traditional weight loss program nor is it the old belly dance with the dogs. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit state that the diet has helped them to drop 20 pounds in a very short time. However, many who have used the program find that it doesn’t work for them. Here is a review of the program from someone who used the system and lost weight.

I am not a plaintiff in the Fresh Food Diet lawsuit. However, I use the eating plan daily and have lost 20 pounds. The materials are very easy to follow and do not require the more advanced level of fitness. They will however make you eat healthier. I have always been curious about why the lawsuit referred to the plaintiffs as “troubled eaters”. Was it because they were already struggling with extreme weight issues?

I suspect that the motivation was to draw attention to the expensive programs and to promote the idea that expensive meals are the answer to weight loss. It did not mention the fact that more expensive meals would only lead to a short term solution. People who pay hundreds of dollars for pre-packaged meals every week do not lose weight. In addition, expensive commercial products are loaded with additives, fats and preservatives. It is not clear which ingredients are healthy or not.

Some plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that the program teaches people to count calories and avoid fatty foods. Counting calories may be helpful to a person trying to lose weight but it is not a substitute for eating right. Counting calories is not the way to lose weight. Eating right should be a main component of any weight loss plan. The Fresh Food Diet lawsuit does not mention how eating right leads to better health.

Counting calories does not work because the calories are not digested. Only 1% of the calories consumed are absorbed and used. This small portion leads to quick weight loss and can be achieved through activities such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc. If you are looking for weight loss, you should consider an all natural approach such as the Fresh Food Diet.

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